If President Trump is for the people, and wants to make America great again, why then is he suddenly pushing the covid vaccines?

It is no secret that I believe Donald Trump is on our side, and he is fighting the psychopats who want to impose an unprecedented tyranny on all of mankind. A tyrannical New World Order disguised as ‘protecting the world from viruses.’

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then I invite you to read this full report, that reveals how medical doctors and top scientists worldwide are being censored for speaking truth, how every working cure for COVID-19 is being suppressed, and how all the covid-numbers are 100% fraud.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world have always believed that president Trump was the one fighting the wicked, saving the world from the globalist diabolical schemes. But now… he is doing something nobody understands. He is rushing out the vaccines that skipped all required safety testing.

What is happening here? Did he fool humanity, and is he part of the cabal after all? Or… is he playing a strategic game?

I believe there is indeed a plan behind this. Watch this video to see what may be the hidden agenda behind the sudden rush for a vaccine.

Make sure to watch till the end, to get a solid understanding of this critical topic…

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