Twitter Suspends Author Naomi Wolf After Vaccination Claims

The Hill reported:

Twitter has suspended author Naomi Wolf after she shared tweets with COVID-19 vaccine misinformation, BBC reported on Sunday.

Twitter shared in a statement to The Hill that Wolf’s account was permanently suspended for repeated violations of their COVID-19 misinformation policy.

Wolf, the acclaimed author of the feminist book “The Beauty Myth,” shared various posts of unfounded claims and theories of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Americans Split on Workplace Vaccine Mandates: Poll

The Hill reported:

Americans are narrowly divided on whether companies should be allowed to require employees to prove their vaccination status before returning to work in person, according to a new poll.

A total of 52% of Americans say they support requiring proof of vaccine status to return to places of employment, according to the Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index poll published this week. Along political lines, 76% of Democrats support showing vaccine status to return to the workplace compared to less than a third, 29%, of Republicans saying the same thing.

Biometrically Accessed Digital Wallet Coming for EU Citizens

Biometric Update reported:

EU citizens will be able to verify their ID, access public and private services across the bloc and store digital documents in a new digital wallet, reports the Financial Times. The smartphone app will be accessed via biometric authentication such as fingerprints or iris scanning as well as other methods.

More details are expected on Wednesday, but it is understood that users will be able to store payment details and passwords and to log into local government websites in all 27 countries, with a single digital identity.

It will also allow the storage of digital ID documents such as driving licences.

Unvaccinated Cadets at West Point Forced to Live in Tent for Summer Training

The Defender reported:

Parents of Army cadets at the U.S. Military Academy (USMA) report the academy’s leadership is forcing 37 unvaccinated cadets to live in a tent designed for 20 people during the academy’s June and July Cadet Field Training program.

Cadet Field Training is a summer training requirement in which selected Firsties (seniors) and Cows (juniors) lead Yearlings (sophomores) in small-unit tactical operations.

Vaccinated cadets will live in open-bay barracks by platoons, with a small separate section for female cadets. The barracks have electricity for fans during the hot summer months in New York, and separate male and female latrines and showers.

Unvaccinated cadets now live in a mixed-rank coed tent.

Imposing Vaccine Mandates May Be Counterproductive, Our Research Suggests

The Washington Post reported:

Opposition to coronavirus vaccination stubbornly persists across the globe. Even in Israel — the world leader in vaccinating its population — the fraction vaccinated appears to have hit a plateau with one-third of the population unvaccinated. In the United States, some states are facing gluts of vaccine doses.

One common response to this is mandatory vaccination. The California university systems, and 1 in 10 U.S. universities and colleges, almost all in blue states, have announced that vaccination would be required for anyone attending in the fall. Even where demand for vaccination exceeds supply, vaccinations are being made mandatory. In March, the government of Galicia in Spain required vaccinations for adults, subjecting violators to substantial fines. Italy has mandated vaccinations for care workers.

Mandating vaccination may be unavoidable in some cases. But our new evidence from Germany suggests that it could hurt voluntary compliance, prolonging the pandemic and raising its social costs.

France Fines Google for Abusing Online Advertising Dominance

The Guardian reported:

Google has been fined €220m (£189m) by French competition regulators for abusing its dominance in the online advertising market in a landmark settlement that could rebalance the relationship between tech giants and digital publishers.

The settlement with the French competition authority, which found that Google unfairly favoured its own tools for buying and selling adverts online over those of rivals, marks the first time the Silicon Valley company has agreed to make changes to its practices as a result of the investigation.

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