Whether you are a spiritual person, or you believe in the theory of evolution, one thing is for sure.  What is happening in the world right now is Darwinism.  Survival of the fittest.   Millions and possibly billions of people are going to die because they are weak, feeble minded, and lack critical thinking.

For those of us that are not lazy, and have invested time into researching what is going on with this whole continuing nightmare, it is so obvious, and we sit back and wonder how the fuck anyone could be so blind to walk around with masks, enthusiastic to putting this poisonous vaccine inside themselves, and shame people by virtue signalling.  It is beyond belief, so we speak out trying to save as many people as possible.  But at the end of the day, people are dropping like flies that are taking this vaccine.  It is being hidden from you.  But they can only hide so much.  There are videos of this on this site, bitchute.com, news articles, and much much more, and yet you read people’s enthusiasm towards the vaccine, and you have to think to yourself, are people really that fucking stupid?

Yes.  They are.  Sorry.  But if you are trusting any of this situation, you have been indoctrinated into a cult.  A cult that is being marched to your death.  The evidence is overwhelmingly abundant.  I cannot login without seeing the truth, and yet it is slapping you in the face everyday, and for some reason, you shut it out.

Well, it is sad.  It is Darwinism.  The worse part of this, is after they have killed all the stupid, they still won’t be able to control the strong.  We will run over them like a freight train.  We already are.  In the courts.  In the streets.  Civil war is never pretty.  But we are in a world wide civil war against our tyrannical governments.  Governments that are handled all by the same group of elitists that have an end goal of de-populating the world down to 500 Million people.  Darwinism.  Are you going to survive this?  If you continue to comply, get tested for Covid, and/or get vaccines, yes, you will die before you should have.  WE are all going to die sometime.  They are just trying to expedite the process.

Shame on you for being so fucking blind.  If you have kids, you are killing your kids, every time you let them put on a mask.  The evidence on this is abundant.  Yet you are still at the point where you believe in masks.  You believe they are not harmful.  Just because Youtube, and Facebook,  censor all the doctors telling you that they are harming you.  You are lazy if you do not do the research.  Your laziness is Darwinism.  It will kill you.  Netflix or survival.  Cable TV or survival.  Watching news or survival.  At what point do you realize that we need to take out our government?  All parties are guilty.  They all don’t give a shit about you, your kids, or your loved ones.

I might be insulting to stupid people, but I still care about them, and don’t wish for them to die.

This language is born from frustration.

Just think of how you feel when you watched Leah Remini’s Church of Scientology when she was exposing it for what it is?

That’s how the people that have figured this out, look at you.  How the fuck could people be so stupid to fall for that?

Do you know what else I have figured out?

It seems that most self employed people are the ones that are awake.  Why do you suppose that is?  Because our brains are tested everyday on what we need to do to make our lives work.  When you are a worker, you are brain dead.  You just get up and act like a machine.  You go about your day without any thought.  You crave your TV when you get home.  You go to bed and rinse and repeat.  You have been born into slavery and you never even knew it.  I always knew this part of it, but it wasn’t until Covid came along that I realized just how much contempt the elite have for you.  You are $$$ to them.  You are cattle.  You are sheep.  You will die if you don’t wake up.

Darwinism.  Simple.   Wake up or die.

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