Are you going to still call us conspiracy theorists, when a third lockdown just matched a script we told you about in November 2020?  That’s right.  In November a leaked email from Justin Trudeau was released that showed the plans of the next year.   It it a coincidence that this latest lockdown matches EXACTLY the dates in that leaked email.  The email that went viral.  The email that Justin Trudeau came out a week after it released to debunk it as a conspiracy theory.  The problem with that, is that ITS HAPPENING.  Just as the email was scripted out.

I wasn’t even sure about the email, but when things play out just like the script, it is time to wake up.

Especially given all the facts that we know about this virus now.  A 99.5% survival rate for all people under 70 years old.

Analysis of statistics from CDC, and government data:
Doctors being censored from speaking about the Vaccines
Canadian Charter of Rights and how it is being violated
Nuremburg Code and how it is being violated:
Contact Canadian Civil Liberties Association
Dr Fauci on Asymptomatic Transmission:
Bonnie Henry’s contractions on wearing masks:
Dr Fauci’s contractions on wearing masks:
Please people wake up.