On May 16, Pastor Tim Stephens of Calgary was arrested and jailed for exercising his Charter freedoms of association, religion and peaceful assembly in the face of unscientific public health restrictions. The police said the arrest was pursuant to a court injunction from May 6 that applied to all Albertans. But that injunction had been amended on May 13 so that it didn’t apply to all people in the province, making this pastor’s arrest illegal.  Seeking to keep him in jail, Alberta Health Service told the court, falsely, that the May 6 injunction still applied to all Albertans. Pastor Stephens is back home with his family now, but the legal proceedings are far from over. We also discuss the media’s use of “experts” to push various narratives.

Justice Centre News Release, May 18, 2021: Pastor Tim Stephens to be released from jail

John Carpay in The Post Millennial, May 18, 2021: Alberta Health Services illegally jails Pastor Tim Stephens

Justice Centre News Release, May 14, 2021: Justice Centre obtains change to expansive Court ban on all peaceful outdoor gatherings in Alberta

Global News via MSN, May 12, 2021: Police in Nova Scotia charge 2 people for not following self-isolation rules

Note: All tickets for traffic violations
Global News via MSN, May 19, 2021: More than 100 tickets to be issued following downtown Calgary car rally

Globe and Mail, May 16, 2021: Toronto police investigating alleged assault captured at city hall Palestinian Youth Movement rally

KVUE ABC, May 16, 2021: Texas reports 0 COVID-19 deaths for first time since tracking pandemic data, Gov. Abbott says

The Canadian Press via National Newswatch, May 14, 2021: Alberta leadership responsible for protests against public health orders: expert

Yahoo News, May 1, 2021: Thousands march in Montreal against virus restrictions

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