This is just an excerpt of the rally in Abbotsford Sept, 4, 2021. The PPC party is being silenced by exclusion from the federal, and many of the local public debates with the other parties. They would like to tell you it is because they did not qualify, but whenever the PPC party is leading in a riding in the polls, they remove them from that poll.

We are being lied too, and Justin Trudeau, the liberal party, conservative party, and ndp are extremely worried about the message from the PPC party. It is because they are all aboard on stripping down Canada and changing our political system to a more rigid government controlled Canada, where our rights, properties, and personal decisions get handed over to the government. People in government do well in systems like this.

The people in the Country do not. This is why Venezuala went from the 3rd richest western nation to a country ravished in poverty, and civil rights abuses. This is the Country the other 3 parties want, because the people in government are being bribed, and/or threatened to make it this way. We have the most natural resources in the world, and our Country is being bought out by private companies, corporations, and big tech to the highest bidder to the corrupt politicians in charge. Max and the PPC party is the only political party in our country fighting this. Vote PPC, and share this video everywhere.

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