The media lied again about many things about this rally. Judge for yourself. The media is completely being paid to feed you misinformation and blame us for this. Review the facts, not the fiction. The science PROVES everything the media and government are pushing are LIES.

Our movement is growing. People are waking up! It is time to put a stop to our government’s criminal activities. They are breaking the laws even in which they govern us with. There is no mandatory vaccination laws in Canada in place currently, yet, they are telling businesses, and federal employees, and federally regulated employees that they must be vaccinated. This is a violation of our Canadian Charter of Rights, Human bill of rights, Nuremburg codes, and the most basic of common laws. They have forfeited their rights to govern us in anyway. Stand up against the tyranny or allow our country to fall into a police state where your every move is permission based. Many speakers from communist countries speak at these events describing what happened there, and it is the exact same thing happening in Countries all over the world. The bankers, WEF forum, and corporations are making a play at seizing complete control over all of us, and to destroy all competing businesses in their world economoic model of slavery. WAKE UP! JOIN THE FREEDOM MOVEMENT. Turn off your lying news, and join reality.

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