Humanity Is Under Attack

Globalist billionaires and trillionairs have been planning for decades to install a New World Order, under the guise of a worldwide pandemic. On this website you find multiple in depth reports that provide abundant evidence, how the pandemic is a strategically planned event. In the following clip you hear the Australian Health Minister publicly say that Covid is the New World Order.

The purpose of this plandemic is to seize all freedoms and rights from humanity, and implement a new world of totalitarian control. All essential freedoms are being taken from the people: the freedom of speech, medical freedom, freedom of movement, freedom of gathering, freedom of earning an income, freedom of bodily integrity, and so on. At the same time untested, experimental, life threatening vaccines are being forced on all of humanity.  

Human freedom is replaced by global tyranny, by multibillionaires who control governments, media, and health industries.

The second objective is the Great Reset, also called Build Back Better. Lockdowns are used to destroy the middle class and small businesses, and plunge humanity in poverty. Then the globalist solution will be offered: give up all private possessions, rent everything, in return for cancellation of all debt. The world will be given a basic income.

Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum is a driving force behind this great reset. In the following short clip he summarizes their plans:

“You will own nothing, and be happy.”


Stop World Control is collaborating with the Constitutional Law Group to defend human freedom, and ensure a bright future for our children. We have created videos to teach you what your rights are, and how you can protect your life.

Rick Martin from the Constitutional Law Group is nicknamed ‘the Judge Killer’ because he has put more corrupt judges and law enforcement officers behind prison walls, than anyone else. He was raised in a law enforcement family, and has studied law for over 30,000 hours. Martin helped tens of thousands of businesses in America stay open, during the criminal lockdowns.He will teach you how the Constitution was created up to prevent the kind of tyranny we are experiencing right now.

This is not only for Americans, but people around the world can learn critical truths from these videos.

· Judges, deputies and attorneys arrested ·
This video shows that we the people have the power to arrest corrupt officials

· you have rights, use them! ·
people who don’t know their rights, have no rights
learn your rights, and know how to use them

Every citizen and public servant should see this


If you appreciate Stop World Control, then please consider supporting this critical work. Help us fight for the freedom of humanity. Our enemies are multibillionaires, and even trillionaires. But if we join our forces around the world, we can protect our lives, and create a beautiful future. Thank you! 


We have created several documents and guides to help you defeat the tyranny. Download them here for free, and distribute them wherever you want. 


The following documents help you protect your life, when your rights are violated. For example when your business is closed or being limited in capacity, or when you are forbidden to enter a store because you wear no mask and haven’t been vaccinated. The Notice of Cease and Decist warns business owners who harass you, or law enforcement who unlawfully arrest you, from proceeding with their criminal acts. 

When your personal rights are violated.

When your business rights are violated.

Notice of Cease and Desist

Notice to officer who tries to arrest you

What to say when contacting a Sheriff

What to say when you are in court


On the website of the Constitutional Law Group you can find many more legal documents. Click here to visit their resource page.


Scientific evidence for masks, lockdowns, PCR tests, etc. Download these PDF’s and send them to business owners, Sheriffs, Police, Schools, Governors, Commissioners, Mayors, etc. This overview is a powerful resource to educate yourself and others. If you have PDF’s that should be listed here, contact us

Review of all the science literature about masks

Evidence that masks do not prevent virus infection

CDC study shows limited effect of covid measures

FDA list of adverse effects of covid vaccines (slide 31)

Study shows that Covid vaccinations severely worsens the disease

UK asks help to deal with adverse effects from Covid vaccines

Covid 19 Legal Report: Overview of evidence of Covid fraud

20 scientists expose how PCR tests give mostly false positives

Study shows that POCR test for Covid are unreliable

Bacterial pneumonia is cause of death in pandemic influenza

The Contagion Myth: why viruses are not cause of disease

How 5G radiation creates coronaviruses in body cells

Medical Doctors inform President about destruction caused by lockdowns

Investigative report by French army officers exposes covid as an assault on humanity

Prediction of next pandemic from 2025-2028, by John Hopkins University


Below you find an overview of how COVID is being used as a disguise for implementing unprecedented tyranny. 
All the evidence for this information can be found

Destructive Lockdowns

Lockdowns are destroying the lives of millions worldwide, while there is not a shred of evidence that they help prevent the spread of disease. In fact thousands of scientists and medical doctors reveal how lockdowns wreack havoc on multiple levels, like dramatically increasing suicide, substance abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, severe depression, and mental illness. The lockdowns are effectively destroying countless small businesses, which is devastating for our communities. Lockdowns force the world to only buy from the mega corporations – that interestingly enough are never shut down – causing them to become even richer, while humanity as a whole is plunged into a bottomless abyss of poverty.

Killer faceMasks

Mask mandates are inflicting terror and distress on societies everywhere, while science shows that masks actually increase the risk of infection, by constant inhaling of harmful bacteria and toxins that we normally exhale without a mask. Masks lower the intake of critical oxygen, which reduces our immunity. Face masks cause brain fog, headache, fatigue and even permanent brain damage. Our body cells and organs require oxygen to be healthy, and depriving them of this is devastating. Masks also create a constant level of stress, which is harmful to our wellbeing, plus they prevent essential human interaction, causing a constant sense of isolation and fear. Masks dehumanize people, creating a society of fearful, faceless individuals, who no longer talk to others.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is inflicting emotional trauma on humanity, preventing people from interacting with one another in ways that are critical to our emotional, psychologial and physical health. Leading scientists around the world have repeatedly stated the lack of any scientific evidence for social distancing. For some sinister reason this is however ignored, and people are forced to live in constant fear, by believing they should stay away from others, because their fellow humans are supposedly a ‘threat’ to them. This further adds to the sickening atmosphere of constant fear, stress and despair.

deadly vaccines

Vaccines that have dozens of deadly side effects – like brain and spinal cord inflamation, heart failure, strokes, extreme allergic reactions, seizures, etc. – and which have skipped all necessary safety testing (which takes 5-10 years), are enforced on entire populations. Experimental gene technology, undisclosed genetically modified organisms, material from aborted babies and animals, and a great variaty of toxic chemicals and metals are injected into millions of healthy humans. Meanwhile every safe, cheap and 100% effective cure for covid is suppressed by so called ‘health organizations’ and banned by governments. Millions have died needlessly because they were never told about the safe, and effective cures. Medical doctors who succesfully treated thousands of covid patients are censored all around the world. Their voice may not be heard, because humanity must believe that this ultra-dangerous vaccine is the only solution to this ‘deadly disease’. 


All this destructive madness is for an illness that has the same survival rate as seasonal flu: 99,7%. This supposedly ‘deadly disease’ can even easily be cured by one of the many safe medicines like HCQ + Zinc, Ivermectin, Budesonide, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, etc.
(More on Covid cures here)


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If you appreciate Stop World Control, then please consider supporting this critical work. Help us fight for the freedom of humanity. Our enemies are multibillionaires, and even trillionaires. But if we join our forces around the world, we can protect our lives, and create a beautiful future. Thank you! 

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