Dr. Simone Gold is the founder of Americas Frontline Doctors, a group of physicians and lawyers who expose the life threatening misinformation campaign that is sweeping across the world, since the pandemic. In this eye opening talk Dr. Simone Gold exposes what she calls ‘incredible lies of incredible proportions’ that are spread by health organizations, governments, and mainstream media. Every effective cure for covid is hidden from humanity, and unprecedented tyranny is imposed, based on false data. As a result millions of people are dying worldwide, and the economy of most nations is being destroyed. Dr. Simone Gold also gives critical information about the untested, experimental biological agents, that are deceptively marketed as vaccines for COVID-19.


Who is Simone Gold?

Dr. Simone Gold is a board certified emergency physician and an attorney, with decades of expertise. She was the spokesperson for over 500 physicians who informed the US government about the devastation the lockdowns cause in the lives of millions of people.

When the pandemic started, she treated covid patients with a medicine that has been used for 65 years by hundreds of millions of people: hydroxychloroquine. This drug is considered exceptionally safe and effective, and is given to babies, the elderly, pregnant women, the immune compromised. It is over the counter in many countries. 

Every patient Dr. Simone Gold treated with hydroxychloroquine and zinc, recovered from COVID-19 in a few days.

The hospital where she worked was however pressured by it’s biggest financer to prevent physicians from curing covid patients with this medicine. As a result Dr. Simone Gold was fired…

She was literally not allowed to save the lives of patients. 

Dr. Gold then founded Americas Frontline Doctors to connect the rapidly growing number of medical experts, who witnessed how the world is being lied to by the government, mainstream media and so called ‘health’ organizations. This misinformation campaign is effectively sending millions of people around the world to their death, because it is designed to hide every cure for covid from humanity, and silence the voices of scientists who have a solution for the pandemic.

For example: the world renown biophysicist Andreas Kalcker developed a 100% effective treatment for COVID-19 and it’s variations, using chlorine dioxide. 

His solution was used by the police, military and politicians in several South American nations, where it dramatically lowered the death rates. This treatment is now applied by over 5,000 medical doctors in 25+ nations, who have saved the lives of tens of thousands of covid patients. Andreas Kalcker is however completely censored by all social media, maligned in mainstream media, his book is removed from Amazon, and his account was deleted from ResearchGate. 

His solution for the pandemic must be hidden from the world at all costs. 

Worldwide awakening
of physicians and scientists

America’s Frontline Doctors organized a ‘White Coat Summit’ in Washington DC to inform the public about the real facts about COVID-19, cures, masks, lockdowns, social distancing, etc. This broadcast was viewed twenty million times in a few hours. Then Big Tech removed them simultaneously from all social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Even their own website was taken offline. 

This kind of extreme censorship however alerts the medical community worldwide, who fully understand that whenever sincere scientists are silenced, there is something sinister at work.

All over the world similar groups of acclaimed medical experts are rising up, to fight for the truth, in a world where media deception and government propaganda is silencing the voices of true experts. The World Doctors Alliance for example connects thousands of physicians around the world.

They work with many national organizations like Doctors for Truth in The Netherlands, Doctors for Freedom in Belgium, Doctors for Enlightenment in Germany, Doctors for Truth (Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, etc.), the Global Health and Life Coalition that links more than 5,000 medical doctors and lawyers, and many more.

This is the beginning of a historically unprecedented awakening among the international medical and scientific community.

Countless intelligent, good hearted and educated medical experts are defending humanity against extremely rich but also extremely evil people, who use governments and media to work out their plans. This is not a conspiracy theory, but a fact. If you are not informed about this yet, then we encourage you to read the FULL REPORT and see the abundant evidence with your own eyes.

International group of lawyers:
‘The pandemic is a crime’

The international trial lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has almost 30 years of experience of suing large fraudulent corporations. Because of this expertise he quickly discerned several criminal characteristics of the pandemic, and started an investigation. Dr. Fuellmich and a vast network of lawyers around the world talked to a hundred experts from every field of science, and they collected the evidence that confirmed their observation. Dr Reiner Fuellmich says:

‘We have all the evidence that these are the worst crimes against humanity ever comitted. This is worse than the previous world wars.’

Click the button below to watch the amazing interview with this world famous lawyer. On the same page you can see the vast amount of evidence: 30 scientific trials and documents that you can download, to do your own research.

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