I have followed her story, and its impressive.  She has worked in all levels at the highest level of authority and expertise for over 40 years.  When she started speaking out against the corruption of Big Pharma, she got fired, discredited, and a massive campaign was launched to make her look like a quack.  So if you go to Google, there will be bullshit information on this woman who deserves a badge of honour for bravery and service in the best interests of humanity.  At some point people that do not know what’s going on is going to have to start looking at the content we share, rather than the source.

The media is lying about quality of source across the planet.  Only 6 companies own all the media currently in the world, and all of these companies are part of the great reset.  You know the one that most of you thought was a conspiracy theory and now featured on Time Magazine along with other media outlets, again controlled by the same 6 companies.  Do you know why all these private companies like bit chute, Parler, and other alternate media sources are being made by the day?  Its because doctors and authorities all over the world are trying to speak up against this…….

This woman is one of the highest qualified doctor/scientists on the world.  LISTEN TO HER!!!!!

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