Newsletter December 15, 2022

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© Clintel Foundation / Thursday December 15, 2022 Support us in the Climate Case of the Century This picture, produced for Clintel by the Dutch artist Vincent Geijsen, tells a thousand words. Clintel is David fighting not one but two Goliaths. Indeed, Clintel has applied for leave to intervene [...] The post Newsletter December 15, 2022 appeared first on Clintel.

The faux urgency of the climate crisis is giving us no time or space to build a secure energy future

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by Judith Curry There is a growing realisation that emissions and temperature targets are now detached from the issues of human well-being and the development of our 21st century world. JC note:  this is the text of my op-ed for … Continue reading →

Urban night lighting observations challenge interpretation of land surface temperature observations

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by Alan Longhurst by Alan Longhurst The pattern of warming of surface air temperature recorded by the instrumental data is accepted almost without question by the science community as being the consequence of the progressive and global contamination of the … Continue reading →

Ocean currents may be more important than the greenhouse effect

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"If it [a scientific hypothesis] disagrees with experiment, it’s WRONG." – Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman A rather different challenge to the CO2 global warming hypothesis from the challenges discussed in my previous posts postulates that human emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere have only a minimal impact on the earth’s temperature. Instead, it [...] The post Ocean currents may be more important than the greenhouse effect appeared first on Clintel.

Misperception and amplification of climate risk

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by Judith Curry “Something frightening poses a perceived risk. Something dangerous poses a real risk.” – Swedish physician Hans Rosling et al.[i] This post is a follow on to my recent post Victims of the faux climate ‘crisis’. Part I: … Continue reading →

Transient Climate Response from observations 1979-2022

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by Frank Bosse A very interesting blog post by Gavin Schmidt provides input on “constraining“  the observed TCR ( Transient Climate Response) in the time window 1979- 2022 using the latest climate models. Gavin presents a comparison of the “Models … Continue reading →

“Colorful fluid dynamics” and overconfidence in global climate models

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by David Young This post lays out in fairly complete detail some basic facts about Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling. This technology is the core of all general circulation models of the atmosphere and oceans, and hence global climate models … Continue reading →

Interview Tatiane Melchior Stefanello Hodson

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Tatiane Melchior Stefanello Hodson Name: Tatiane Melchior Stefanello Hodson Country: UK What is your background? My education is Oceanographer at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, Brazil and I am taking a MSc in International Public Policy at Queen Mary University of London. As a Professional Diving Instructor, I had the opportunity to [...] The post Interview Tatiane Melchior Stefanello Hodson appeared first on Clintel.

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