Of course there is much more to this list too.  Probably at least 20 people in Canada alone should be indicted for crimes against humanity.  Watch this video to see what the media is not showing you.  I am on another facebook ban as of June 23, 2021 for 7 days, so if you could do me a favour and download this video from the download button, and upload it to facebook, and if you are a friend of mine tag me in it.  Let’s show facebook that their censorship will not keep anyone of us quiet.  Especially the people with the ability to do what I am doing here.  Anyone with some web skills should be showing facebook that censorship only makes it worse on them.  Our voices will not be silenced, and they will be held accountable.  We might want to throw Mark Zuckerberg in this arrest scenario too.  Might?  That was silly, of course he needs to be arrested too.

Please download this video, and upload to facebook, and tag me David Cheyne if you are my friend on facebook. I am on a 7 day ban, and this shows facebook, that censorship DOES NOT WORK!