This doctor is telling you what he is seeing in the hospitals regarding these covid 19 vaccines. Then a nurse whistleblower speaks out. This is happening in hospitals around the world. Our government is knowingly, continuously, and deliberately committing genocide on Canadian citizens. This is a hard truth, but the reason why we continue to protest. Until all these vaccines are completely removed, and the criminals behind this start to pay, the protesting will increase. Our government is now a terrorist organization under Section 83.1 of the criminal code of canada, and our police are aiding and embedding their activities.

We, the people, are going to have to take stronger and more decisive action. If you have not yet begun to speak out, and email, mail, or contact your politicians with your concerns, the genocide will continue. From the very beginning, Awake Canada was created to fight this genocide, and provide factual doctors and lawyers evidence of these crimes.

Recently, 4 federal lawsuits were dismissed on mootness, because Justin Trudeau removed the ArriveCan app, in which he embezzled millions of dollars for a text based app, that I or any simple programmer could have done over a weekend for less than 250,000 dollars. He paid 53 million, and scrapped it so he could get a judge to dismiss the 4 federal cases. The evidence in these cases continuously get shut down BEFORE they enter court records. Once they enter court records, the fraud, and criminal activity of our Canadian Government is fully exposed.

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