In this video 3 very famous Hollywood celebrities blow the whistle on that Hollywood really is. We as a society need to DEMAND that the Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs are completely revealed. We can work together to rebuild the whole entertainment industry into what is should have always been. Entertainment. Right now it is a cesspool of degradation, child exploitation, pedophilia, and satanistic worship. Take it from these 3 Hollywood insiders risking their very lives for revealing that lies under the curtain.

If you are wondering what this had to do with Canada, please watch this 1 hour presentation and you will understand that Covid 19, is just a spoke and a much larger wheel of an agenda meant to genocide citizens of countries all over the world and enslave the survivors. Silence is no longer an option. WE WANT THE LIST, OR WE WILL TAKE JUSTICE INTO OUR OWN HANDS.

LGBTQ+ has recently added the Plus sign, and in this video you will learn what the plus is. It’s not good. It is also evident that they are trying to push for legalization of pedophilia with MAPS (Minor attracted Person syndrome). These people will all fall, and all pay the price for their crimes, but not until we DEMAND IT.

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