I am only on Youtube with a brand new account to show the corruption from this service.  Rumble is the way to go.  Create your Rumble account and enjoy all the same content you get on youtube free from the censorship.  Youtube was involved heavily in censoring information that pertained to the United States Federal election, which means they are motivated politically, financially, and no longer are a bi-partisan company.  They are leveraging the size of their database to contribute to the lies that the government and media are perpetuating against us.  They stopped all the information from Hunter Bidens laptop that would have changed the outcome of the election.  This is corruption at the highest level.

This does not even account for the amount of doctor censored videos they have done.

We must stop using this.  My account is a demo account to watch it get taken down as I put up doctor videos PROVING these jabs are toxic and dangerous.

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