The global community of the WCH  support all of our inalienable rights and the pursuit of health and happiness around the world. Unlike the WHO, we reject global monopoly power, but seek to protect each other’s sovereignty.

Here is a message from the legitimate global community to Ontario and Canadians on the current occasion of the CPSO hearings against: Dr Trozzi, legitimate medical science, and our medical rights and freedoms.


There are schedule changes to the expert witnesses. Dr Paul Alexander’s testimony has been moved to Tuesday June 20th at 9 a.m.; to witness Dr Alexander’s testimony please email a request for a link to the CPSO vs Trozzi hearing for the day 20230620 to ( Dr Peter McCullough’s testimony will be rescheduled to a new date to be announced soon.  There is a small error in the above video. Only 200 people managed to gain access to last weeks hearings (not 2000).

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