Most people have not been properly informed of the risks of taking this “experimental gene therapy”.  Most people did not even know that this is approved for emergency use only and is still in clinical trials until 2022 and 2023 for some of them.  That means you are actually an experimental subject.  Never in history has a massive scale of experimental treatments been done on the human race without informed consent.  This is in violation of the Nuremburg codes, and the Federal Government of Canada, and many other Countries are being sued as we speak.  Details of these cases can be found here.

On top of that, there are doctors all over the world trying to warn you, but they are being silenced, censored, and threatened not to speak out against this narrative.  Fortunately many of them are brave, and speak out anyways.

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If you are an employer pushing your employees to get vaxxed, you need to study this site thoroughly.  We are not conspiracy theorists, or anti-vaxxers.  We are concerned citizens that have investigated the truth of what is happening, and have documented the evidence of our findings on this site THOROUGHLY.  If you impose vaccine passports, or mandate vaccines in your workplace, YOU WILL BE HELD liable for any injuries or death incurred by people working for you.  This video below is very informative and you can fact check it all you like.  You will find all the contents of it to be true.  Then I would highly advise you watch the doctors, and lawyers on this site to get a greater understanding of the fraud that is being committed.  Shame on the government for fooling you once, shame on you for being fooled twice.  This is your best chance right now to become informed of the true nature of what is happening in our world right now.  We are being governed by corrupt medical cartels such as the WHO, and the CDC which have become nothing more than vaccine companies getting kickbacks from the Medical Cartel that is taking over the governments of the world.  Here is the evidence.

I urge you to share this page, and this site with all of your MPP’s MP’s Police stations, employers, employees, friends and family.  There is no motive here but to bring the public’s attention to the crimes being perpetrated on society on a global level.

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