My son graduated last year and this social justice education being introduced into our Canadian schools is a farce.  At first when my son told me about it last year, I thought it was cool that they were introducing stuff into the school that actually meant something.  But months into it, I could see the indoctrination into the BLM movement, and how strong my son believed in it.  But in this video, this reveals an even more sinister agenda happening in the schools, and it is time to call ou our school boards the way this happened in the United States.  This video will inspire you that we are starting to win on all fronts.

Evil cannot triumph over good. . NEVER.

Thanks to people EVERYWHERE THAT are standing up and speaking out.  For those of you that have been silent for 2 years on all of these mattters.  Shame on you.

  1. for either being ignorant to world affairs to the level that you are.
  2.  or for not caring enough to speak out about it.

You are guilty by complacency.

If you really want to see what is happening in our world just look at this sinister agenda in this video.  Thank you for this mayor that through the hammer down.


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