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Have you received a flyer, email, or any other communication offering you money in exchange for installing an antenna on your home? Please read this even if you haven’t, because you may receive one soon.

On March 29, 2021, the FCC’s OTARD rule amendment went into effect. As a result, fixed wireless companies can now install base station antennas (for 5G, voice, and wi-fi) on private homes. Companies don’t need to get a permit or even notify neighbors that an antenna will be installed. They only need to contract with the homeowner. This rule change will be used to enable the most significant proliferation of wireless and 5G ever, creating a wireless “Wild West.”

Since the rule went into effect, wireless companies covered by OTARD (known as fixed wireless companies) have been contacting people to ask if they would be interested in installing an antenna on their house in exchange for payment. Here is an example of a flyer we got a hold of:

“Earn $600 – Get paid for doing nothing while helping your community. Be the first person to provide the Internet of Things coverage in your neighborhood.”

As part of CHD’s efforts to slow down OTARD antennas deployment, we are tracking the areas in which these companies are looking to install antennas on homes.

A Helpful ResourceBroadbandNow is a website that can help you learn more about the fixed wireless companies operating in your area. You can find all the broadband and wireless companies operating in your area by simply entering your zip code, including what type of service they offer (cable, fiber, DSL, or Fixed wireless), download speeds, coverage areas, etc. This may help you to be alert to OTARD antenna installation in your area.

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Please contact us if you received such a communication, whether a flyer, an email, a text, or a call.

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