We have fallen.  Our leaders are now in possession of software to permanently stay in power regardless of how we vote.  The system has always been rigged, but they have stepped it up.  They are poisoning us with vaccines, that we don’t need.  They are restricting our freedoms against the charter, and constitution of our countries under the guise of public safety.  When Trudeau steals the election like he is going to this spring, he will be in the final position to win the majority government (by cheating) to squash our charter of rights, and re-write our constitution in a vision that fits with his handlers.

They are imposing an agenda “the Great Reset” without our vote on this.

The corruption is at an all time high, and our political system has failed us completely.

There is only one thing left to do.  This thing we must do has many facets to us, so let me break it down for you.

We must immediately:

  • cancel your cable
  • quit Facebook, YouTube, twitter
  • stop buying from all big box
  • stop buying from amazon
  • stop complying to any made up laws regarding your civil liberties.
  • study up on your rights and exercise them.
  • learn to grow your own food
  • learn to become self employed with your own business

Stay connected with others through alternative sites like this.   We all need to be unified more than ever, but away from the tools they have used to gain this much control over us.  We must step back to our old ways.  Living off the land and our own work.  The government has broken the final straw on the camels back.  They have turned on the people.  Vaccinations are killing people at an alarming rate, and they know, and don’t care.  They don’t care, because that was the goal.  We are all being marched to the depopulation of the earth down to 500 million as written on the Georgia guidestones.

Get off the grid.  Move away from the large cities.  Band in small communities, and do not give up your arms.  Civil unrest is bound to increase as they keep on clamping down, murdering their own citizens, and imposing further restrictions beyond civil liberties laws that were written after the WW2.  Nuremburgh trials were supposed to protect humans from catastrophic human cruelties, that are now becoming the norm in Countries all over the world.  The only way to win, is to step out of government control into a lawless society.

We are the biggest threat to the elite maintaining control, so they set their sights on exterminating us to a more manageable number.  We are facing for the first time in humanity the TRUE end of existence as we know it.  Billions of people are going to die in the next decade, all by design.

This site has invite by email features here.  As things get worse, and more people wake up, this site should be texted to your friends, asking them to join.  Share via text.  I will keep on posting videos exposing what is really going on.    We are a fight for our very survival now.  Make no mistake about it.  They are killing us.   Those that remain alive, will be turned into slaves for the “chosen ones”. These elites are Hitler reborn, and they are in the process of the largest genocide endeavour ever partaken.  This truth is ugly, but the longer you sit in denial about it, the worse the situation gets.  They will kill millions before many of you will wake up.  They will blame the vaccination deaths on a mutation of Corona.   The hospitals have been empty, but they are very soon to fill up after they have vaccinated a vast portion of the population.    This is genocide.  I am sorry that you took this long to wake up.  I am sorry that it will take millions of lives to make you finally see what is going on.  They will kill the record keepers of the vaccination records to try and hide the truth of their new reasons for the deaths.  Only you witnessing your loved ones that got vaccinated perish will let you see the truth.

Fight people.  We are in the fight of our lives.

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