Meanwhile in Canada, we are still pretending in this pandemic, variants, masking, social distancing, obedience, stupidity, tooth fairies, santa claus, and that governments would never harm its people.   Are you kidding me?  The corruption that we have been stating from the beginning is getting totally exposed, and our government passes bill c-10 to hide this from you.   It still has to go through parliament, but rest assured, if it passed already, it will get the approval it needs in parliament.

That is so you will never see THIS TYPE OF EVIDENCE AFTER THIS IS DONE.  Or at least they are going to have more control that you don’t.

The very thing that this video is about in Big Tech’s collusion to censor medical doctors, is the very bill that Trudeau pushed through and got approved from all the corrupt parties in Canada.  If you think the Conservatives voting against this shows their integrit, think again.  They only did that because the count was predetermined, and they didn’t need the conservative vote.  This makes the Conservatives look like the good guys, but rest assured, it was the Conservatives that are pushing through an even worse bill  C 51.  You might want to look that up.  It is the nail in the c-10 that helps to make it illegal to post counter narrative stuff.  You will be labelled a domestic terrorist.  Just like in North Korea, or any other tyrannical government system.  Speak against the state and get arrested.

Are window shrunk more today, with the passing of that bill, and while the rest of the world is exposing this fraud, Canada is all chips in.  I guess China has already bought us, so there is nothing left to do, but get out.  And that’s exactly what I recommend sensible Canadians, that know what is up do.  I give this one more flu season and lockdown to determine if Canada has a future, and if not, BYE BYE CHINADA, you are finished as a free sovereign nation.   Watch this video to see how Big Tech is controlling the world.  So when the government, media, and big tech all collude to push an agenda, people that do not know how to think independently of the state, are lambs being led to the slaughter.


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