In this video from a group OPEN VOICE on facebook this lady goes over how she believes we are being tricked into the great reset. I concur with her beliefs. We must not tear down the government. We must weed out the WEF traitors, and then REFORM our existing government so that this bullshit can never happen again. Reform, means weakening the emergency powers act, introducing recall legislation, and finally ratifying our constitution, and detach ourselves from the crown. Influence the indigenous to throw away the treaties, and establish solid property ownership laws that protect each Canadian citizen regardless of race,sex, age, or political affiliation. The existing politicians writing and passing laws in Canada talk a good game about equality, but do not give a rip about ANY OF US. But make no mistake, there are good people in politics. They were indoctrinated, and mass hypnotized just like the Canadians that bought into the whole Covid scam. Once every person is aware, the ones that are part of the WEF and globalization agenda will be flushed out. Right now it is apparent that all of our health ministers, premiers, Prime Minister, and several cabinet members, judges are corrupt. But that is still not all of them. The rest went along out of politically holding their party line in which this system always makes happen. This will be part of the reform.

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