There is nobody what will be able to dispute the facts that are presented by doctors in this video. There are now over 200 scientific papers proving that these jabs are killing people. There are over 10,000 doctors that have DEMANDED that they be halted. And they still push them. With each push, less and less people are taking them, but the fact that they are pushing them, can mean only one thing. They are criminals that have all their chips in. They have the protection (so far), and will stop at nothing to execute their plan. However, WE THE PEOPLE, control the outcome of the planet. Move through your fear, and get to the point of anger directed at only one source. Our politicians, health care leaders, and the puppet masters that control them. When the world focuses on their arrests, convictions, and executions, we will by mass consensus, control the outcome. WE are moving into the final stage of this war. RETRIBUTION!!!

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This video is shadow banned on many of the networks I have posted it…… download it for yourself, and upload to your social media account. But first share this page to your social media accounts. We need to hit them with all force for people to see the message in this video. It is perhaps the nail in the coffin of the vaccine agenda part of their agenda. But in order for us to win the war, we must prove THAT THE GOVERNMENT IS LYING. Once we do this, it will be easier to pick apart any forthcoming narrative.

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