I heard that Rolly’s Diner in Hope was not discriminating against people by not using the vaccine passport system. As soon as I heard this, I needed to check it out so my friends and I went off to Rolly’s. I asked one of my friends that has the laminated signs of non discrimination to see if they would put it on their door. However, when we got there, one was already on their door.

Appartently the owner Muriel 82, is a big fan of our site, and is a member. I unfortunately did not get to meet her, but I met her staff and they told me all of this. The food was good, and the trip was worth it. Even with the speeding ticket. (3 speed traps on the way to Hope). Almost made it… LOL.

The truth is folks, we have found multiple places to eat in Abbotsford, Mission, and everywhere we go as a matter of fact. Many restaurants are not going to allow government overreach to decimate their businesses. So I commend Rolly’s and every other business out there that will stand against medical tyranny that has no science to base these decisions on. It is our mission, and many other freedom groups mission to DECIMATE these unlawful vaccine passports. We will beat them. I guarantee it. If we have to block roads, airports, bus stations, whatever, we have do it, we will do it. We cannot allow a government to create a two tier society and claim its for the “greater good”. This bullshit has gone on long enough. After we win against this medical cartel, we will not stop until we CONVICT the guilty parties for these crimes against humanity.

For now, keep on holding the line people. We will win this war. No matter how many “little battles” we face along the way.

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