If these 2 images do not wake you up, I can only ask? What has happened to your ability to think?

OVER half of the deaths in Canada due to Covid are OVER THE AGE OF 85!!!!

Do you know what the life expectancy in Canada is? 82.25

Are you kidding me?

The MAJORITY OF DEATHS are people that have lived PAST THEIR LIFE EXPECTANCY, and yet you are ok guilting people for not wearing masks? For wanting to socialize with their friends?

Listen, if you want to continue to have your blinders on, and do not realize the lies you are being spoon fed, and the unlawful lockdown bylaws, then you go on and keep on being enslaved.

For any of you that are tired of all this bullshit… take your mask off, breathe some fresh air and join those of us that have been living like this the whole time!!!!

There are literally nurses, doctors, lawyers, policemen, all telling you the same thing as I am right now. If your public health office told you could get a fine for 150 dollars if you did not eat dog shit, would you do it? No of course you wouldn’t, so realize that although these public health orders are not that drastic, they are just as unlawful. You cannot infringe on the rights of Canadians.

Don’t ask me, ask a lawyer. Read your Charter of Rights. Every Canadian should know the charter of rights. All public health orders are in direct violation of these rights, and DO NOT SUPER CEDE THEM. It is written right into them, that a public health order CANNOT over ride the charter of rights.

The Canadian Bill of Rights, and the Charter of Rights that ARE EVERYTHING IN THIS COUNTRY. YOUR COMPLIANCE will get them to try and take these away. They already are trying, and your eating it up, for deaths of people OVER THERE LIFE EXPECTANCY. The rest of the numbers the majority of them are over 75, the balance of them over 65 minus a very few exceptions under 65.

None of their models have come close to what they say will happen. Its not the masks. Look at Sweden. No lockdowns, no masks, and completely normal life there right now. My previous post is a video of Sweden RIGHT NOW. Everything is open, no masks, and life is 100% normal.

Did you like 2020? Do you want to keep this going? If not, there is only one thing you need to do…… TAKE YOUR MASK OFF. There are many stores that will respect a mask exemption. I have never worn a mask, and I get everything I need in person at stores. I am the guy you see in the store without a mask. You know why? Because that is my birth right. It is yours too. Here is a Canadian top constitutional lawyer with regards to wearing masks.

Stop complying with unlawful orders.

The vaccine? Oh shit, don’t get me started. Ok, too late.

They have been trying to make a coronavirus for 20 years. Do you want to know what happened the last animal trials? The animals did well, UNTIL they were exposed to the next strain of coronavirus. Then the majority of them died.

Do you know that because this is “such an emergency” that they got a special exemption on this, and SKIPPED the animal trials. Yes, that’s right. You are the animal now. You are the guineau pig. mRNA vaccine? Never been done before. Woah, that sounds like fun. Skipped animal testing? Never been done before? Usual vaccine development time frame 5-7 years, brought to you in less than 1. For a virus with a 99.75% survival rate?

What you say? Thats not right. Well boys and girls, I am sorry but it is. Here is why this number gets thrown around at you but the media doesn’t tell you. They have given you all the data. They just have not put it all in one place for you to put together. They won’t make money if you don’t take the vaccine, so here we go.

The WHO 2-3 months ago, already admitted that over 700 million people in the world have gotten this. At least. That was months ago, so if you prorate, probably well over 800 million now. They are just not tested. You might have had it and not been tested. Wow, your still alive too. Good for you. You didn’t even know you had it too. Good thing we closed the country down. Back to the numbers. Even if we go off the 700M, and we work off the number of deaths today… .you get the survival rate by dividing total deaths/ total estimated cases. You can look this up, and do the number. Its going to piss you off. Good. Its about time. Now if you ask me to find the article on the WHO, bite me. I have wasted enough time trying to educate here, I am not going fishing for you out of your laziness once again. They said it. They also tried to add a little lie though. They said, but the death numbers were likely higher too. Except that doesn’t wash. You know why? Because every death has a death certificate. Might be a small lag, but not off. Nice try WHO. So this will always put you in the 99.5+ PERCENT survival rate.

You want an untested vaccine for that? At what point did you lose your mind? Was it when you tuned into CBC, Global, and all the other fear mongering machines night after night buying into all this crap? Shame on them once for fooling you, Shame on you twice as much for allowing it to continue.

Now what we do about all of this…..?

Well its simple. You take your mask off. You read the charter of rights. Its very easy to find. Look for it. Just for some simple references, here are some highlights that pertain to the civil liberties that are being violated regularly right now.


Well then its time for you to step up and say no more.

Then you stop shopping at the places that don’t respect mask exemptions. Cosco, Canadian Tire. These are about the only 2 that don’t respect your Canadian charter of rights, so do they deserve your money? Hell no. Remember, we are THERE customers, we have options. Exercise them. It makes me sick to think a store would refuse a customer given all the info that is readily available for anyone to find.

Don’t take my word for any of this. Ask a lawyer, and read up on your Canadian charter of rights. And if you continue to wear a mask because you think you are being courteous, let me explain to you why you are contributing to the problem, and actually harming Canadians. Masks and social distancing, and being a good little boy and girl, got us NO WHERE! 2 weeks to flatten the curve turned into 2020 goodbye. They are trying to start this year the same way. In Alberta, they have already put mask mandates to the end of 2021. good luck with that. A big fucking no on that coming soon as more people wake up

They have already said no return to normal EVEN WITH THE VACCINE. Still need to wear masks, and socially distance. Are you fucking kidding me? Are you willing to give another year of our life to these assholes?

Asymptomatic cases. Fuck me. This is the biggest scam of all. There are massive studies PROVING that asymptomatic people do not transmit the virus. Over 10 million cases studied extensively and through this study, they determined, that transmission only occurs AFTER you have symptoms.

So the biggest scam behind this whole mess, is the way they fooled grown healthy adults to wear masks when they are not sick. They somehow flipped our entire human history into making you think that other peoples health was your responsibility. I mean, WOW, just read that back to yourself to see how ridiculous that is. My health is MY responsibility. This is something that every person should know by the age of 5. Your health is not my responsibility. And mine is not yours. Any other notion of this is absurd. If you cannot grasp this one concept you should go back to elementary school.

Lastly, there has been no conspiracy theories here. And I will leave it here for you. But you should start to ask yourself why are they doing this, if this virus isn’t worse than the flu? Yes, I said that. The flu kills more younger people than covid does. Sorry, this is another statistical fact. I have already backed up everything I have said here in previous posts so I am not going to gather it all up again. Its gets tiring trying to get grown adults to realize that they are not a burden on other people because they want to drink, eat, laugh, love, with friends, freely, without looking like a teenage mutant ninja turtle. Or that church is dangerous, but Cosco is safe. Walking in a restaurant is dangerous but sitting isnt. I could go on for half hour on the IDIOTNESS OF THE policies across the board here alone. I am sure you know already. Somehow their psych op on you though has you complying to be the nice Canadian that you are.

But here is the real effect of your continued compliance with unlawful health orders. More businesses will close forever. More Canadians will be getting handouts from the government instead of working which is where we gain our self worth. More Canadians will be in food lines at food banks. Our economy will crash worse than 1929. We are almost there. This is not an accident folks. This is what our government wants. A quick lesson on how Communism has crept into all communistic countries will show you why they are doing what they are doing. Communism is great for government. It is a shitstorm for the people. Your compliance is taking us there. That is how it was done in Venezuala not too many years back. 30 years ago, Venezuala was the third richest nation in the world. Now they are one of the worst countries for civil liberty and human rights violations. This is your Prime Ministers vision for Canada. He will be filthy rich, as we starve. Why? Because you obeyed his ridiculous mandates, and provincial ministers puppets.

Why else? Because as a doctor, nurse, police, paramedic, politician, you felt like something was wrong, but YOU DID NOTHING. YOU SAT THERE AND GOT USED LIKE A PAWN IN A GAME OF CHESS TO DESTROY THE LIVES OF ALL CANADIANS.

Somehow while you sat there, you never thought it would effect you, but you will find, this effects all of us.

If you DO NOT WANT another bullshit year like 2020, you need to civilly disobey unlawful orders. For you straightest of straight shooters, you must understand, they will not jail you. They will not even likely fine you, but if they do, you will have your day in court, and we win EVERYTIME. These are the things they don’t tell you. In the court of law, they have not been able to provide evidence of a pandemic, their emergency acts, or any of the measures they have put in place. NONE.

Don’t believe me, ask a lawyer.

I wrote this post out of a year of watching my beloved Canadian people be manipulated beyond any fathomable reason. None of us need to do this for another year. I didn’t at all this year. I gathered with friends in large parties. I didn’t wear a mask, and I didn’t change a thing on the way I live. And guess what? Still not one person I know in that year that I FRATERNIZED with got covid. NOT 1. Does that sound like a real pandemic to you?

Now, all you trolls out there getting paid to fear monger just like these fake fact checkers, one negative comment on this post, and I block you. I like my timeline now. I have 3700+ woke friends, so I see people living life the way they should. I have another 4300 people in our group that we created to fight this.. but alas, I will eventually leave Facebook, because they are losers that are profiting off of our misery. I am using them, just like they are using us, temporarily, until they have lost their complete marbles and try and censor all free speech. They are headed that way folks. And I will say goodbye and hang out on the social network I created that will be with sane, woke people that we will gather in the thousands without a care in the world about government permission.

At some point, you ADULTS became their children when you forgot that the government works for you, and not the other way around. The government has no rights to tell you how to live your life under the “guise” of public safety.

Please Canadians. Remember your parties, your get togethers? Your maskless faces. The only thing stopping you from having this back right now, is you and fear. Fear of getting into trouble. Stop being afraid of a virus. Stop being afraid of the police. Stop being afraid of the government.

They all have no commanding authority over you for buying groceries, having get togethers with friends, or what you wear or don’t wear on your face. Start living again.

Your compliance is prolonging Canada’s agony

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