Please stick with post, and read it in its entirety. I have made a mistake. I want to discuss several things, and thought maybe I would just write this today rather than do a video. I can type 100 words a minute, and this will not involve video production, editing, and the garbage that goes with it.

First the mistake. When I walk into a store or a public space wearing any of the Awake Canada merchandise, unless people know what Awake Canada is, nobody strikes up dialogue.

That is because there is no phrase to bring attention to it.

Just the logo.

So I corrected that today!

Now before you get all pissed at me thinking I am flogging merch, please understand, I hate selling merch. I make 0 profits off of it, and adds a lot of work to what I do, which I am already overwhelmed on. However, one thing it does do is gets the word out. But not really until now.

Because there was nothing to tell people who we are.

The world is waking up right now.

I have conversations now with people that were totally closed minded before. So I made this shirt, to open a dialogue up. I designed this today, and ordered a bunch for giving away to my circle. Out of my pocket. I only say this because some people that really don’t know me, which is MOSTLY EVERYBODY in the Awake Canada movement, does not know who I really am.

Please note, a large influx of orders for this shirt has come in I have had to refund some of them due to sizes unavailable.  When I created this, all sizes were available, and now only XL and Large are.  Like I said, I hate retailing shirts, or clothes.  It is a giant pain.  I actually lost money on these sales too, as PST, and GST were added, and shipping was more.  So understand, that this is not for the money.

I never started this for money.

I started it to build a tribe so that when the day came, there would be enough of us to band together and make good stuff happen.

If you want to buy a shirt and some business cards to help us grow this to larger numbers, then thank you.

But the other thing I wanted to talk to you about is WHY I am incorporating Awake Canada. Again, I took some flack for this from some people thinking I am turning this into a business. I want nothing from Awake Canada except for it to grow into a force that can do the following:

  • sue big tech for unlawful censorship.
  • help people get their jobs back
  • stop ridiculous bills from getting passed
  • break up NDP/Liberal Coalition.
  • expose the media for their crimes against humanity
  • build a support network for victims of these crimes
  • expose voter fraud, not just in Canada but worldwide

I could go on and on with more of what we can do together.  Some of these things we have done with major rallies, banners, cards going across the country.

But all of this takes money.  And me throwing up donation buttons that go into my personal account is not the way to do this.  At one point the donations were coming in faster than I knew what to do with them.

So I shut them off.

I don’t want that kind of responsibility or heartache.  But now, by being incorporated with its own account, I will have my hands untied. It is separated from me, and the money can start
doing what we need it to do.

  • sue big tech for unlawful censorship.
  • help people get their jobs back
  • stop ridiculous bills from getting passed
  • break up NDP/Liberal Coalition.
  • expose the media for their crimes against humanity
  • build a support network for victims of these crimes
  • expose voter fraud, not just in Canada but worldwide

So I have shut the donation buttons off right now, because I don’t want money coming to me.  For the past 6 months, the donations have covered the expenses with enough left over for me to buy some banners for rallies, some print materials for some meetings, and things like that.

Now I am awaiting the BN (business number)so that I can create an organization with a bank account.  I already have the CEO and VP picked. They are also people that don’t want money from this, they want to save our Country.

So for those of you that don’t know me, I would like to tell you straight up.

I am not controlled opposition.

I am not money hungry. My life
is fine the way it is.

I am not doing this for fame
or because of low self esteem
and needing to be a #$%#$% hero.

I am not doing this for any other reason than this.


If we persuade the overwhelming majority of Canadians of what is going on, but they remain silent. Canada Falls.

If we continue on this crash course of complacency, laziness, and self indulgence, Canada Falls.

I have 2 young adult children that will be enslaved by this and live the majority of their lives in despair, hunger, and struggles if we do not stop this agenda.

We will win! Humanity always prevails in times like this, but how ugly it gets is up to how we react to these crimes.

If we sit and do nothing we are totally screwed by 2025 – 2030.

They will release more bio-weapons on us. They will crash our dollar.  They will arrest Canadians standing up against this worse than they already are. Only in numbers, can they not arrest us, because we won’t have it.

I put my neck on the line, because I would rather die trying to save this country for my kids and the future generations that sit idly by and let our governments genocide us, control us, and enslave us.

This has to stop.  Now please, do not call me a grifter or controlled opposition.

This is not a clothing business, nor a feed David Cheyne business.  This is a mission to wake up people and get them involved at their city level in every way opposing bad bills, bad schooling, SOGI123, trans humanism, and pushing drag queens on our elementary schools twerking to “create an inclusive society”.  This is all BS, and it must be stopped at all costs.  Even if it means my life. (no, I am not suicidal)



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