Here are the papers to give to your employer. They are also the same papers that can be used to give to any bylaw office also letting them know that if they write a ticket to you, that you will personally sue them, and the city for enforcing things that violate the charter of rights, and the bill of rights. If you do not believe me, please consult a lawyer. Or you could just be the rock that society needs right now. Either way, you have the rights to refuse wearing a mask based on medical exemptions (this applies to everyone, based on the data from the paperwork below(

Here is the mask scientific papers.

Here is the BC mask exemption laws.  Note that your business cannot be fined for maskless people on premises with mask exemptions.  How many employees you deem mask exempt is up to anyone within your business that wishes to claim exemption.  Under the above documentation, that could be anyone.

Most provinces have something similar. Please consult your provincial human rights advocates to find out what yours are.

Still not sure?  Then watch the consensus from 164 censored doctors trying to inform the public of the dangers of wearing masks all day.  Then stand up.  Stand up as an employee.  Stand up as an employer.  Share this page with your employer and other employees and band together to resist destroying your health based on bad health orders.

Still not convinced? How about Bonnie Henry herself?

Still not convinced?  How about Dr. Fauci?


You have been given all the information you could possibly need to stop wearing masks, and to stop enforcing masks in your place of business.   Now do it.  You could be held liable, and as more people learn these things, lawsuits will start to happen for businesses forcing masks, or instituting required vaccinations to continue to work.  These are violations of Canadians rights.  Step up Canada!


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Important legal documents to your rights as Canadian citizen:

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One America Insurance CEO reports 40% increase in death claims since vaccine rollout:

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