These agencies are wanting people to phone in and tell them how they feel about what is going on.  If we light these numbers up daily from thousands of our members across this Country everyday, it will put pressure from these agencies onto the federal and provincial governments to back off of all covid 19 restrictions.

Things to mention when you phone them.  You are a concerned citizen and disagree strongly with all Covid 19 measures, vaccine bullying and coercion from government and private companies.  You have done your research, and you understand that this virus is no more deadly than any past flu seasons, and you demand that they put a stop to the vaccine passports, and this creating of a 2 tier society.  Medical records are no ones business but the individual and certainly not the government’s or private companies.  Phone your provincial office once per week, and let them know how disgusted you are with the government, and how they are using your tax dollars to pay to terrorize you through the media, and incentivize companies to create discriminatory policies.  You would even like to file a complaint against your provincial health officer, premier, and Justin Trudeau, asking for them to be arrested for crimes against humanity.

Bc 1(844)922-6472
Alberta 1(780)427-7661
Saskatchewan 1(306)933-5952
Manitoba 1(888)8848681
Ontario 1(800)3879080
Quebec 1(800)362-6477
Nova Scotia 1(902)424-4111
New Brunswick 1(888)471-2233
Newfoundland 1(709)729-2709
Prince Edward Island 1(902)368-4180
N.W.T 1(888)669-5575
Nunavut 1(888)220-1011

We have officially been registered as a corporation.  Our legal name is


Incorporation Number:


Business Number

74909 0544 BC0001

All donations are now tax deductible, and will have our business and tax deduction number on the receipt.  Please help us with our injunction against Facebook to stop the censorship and hold Facebook accountable for the past 3 years.

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