Ask yourself if Justin Trudeau belongs in this category based on the information below.

Totalitarianism is a form of government in which the state holds total control over the society and seeks to regulate every aspect of citizens’ lives. It is characterized by the suppression of individual rights and freedoms, the absolute rule of a single party or leader, and the use of propaganda and censorship to maintain power and control.

There are several ways to tell if your government is moving towards totalitarianism:

  1. Restrictions on freedom of speech and the press: In a totalitarian regime, the government may try to control the media and restrict the flow of information to the public. This can include censorship, propaganda, and the suppression of dissenting voices.
  2. Repression of political opposition: Totalitarian regimes often suppress political opposition and do not tolerate dissent. This can include the imprisonment or execution of political rivals, the suppression of protests and demonstrations, and the suppression of alternative political parties.
  3. Lack of transparency and accountability: Totalitarian regimes often lack transparency and accountability, making it difficult for citizens to hold the government accountable for its actions. This can include a lack of free and fair elections, a lack of independent media, and the suppression of transparency initiatives such as freedom of information laws.
  4. Invasion of privacy: Totalitarian regimes often seek to control their citizens through the use of surveillance and the invasion of privacy. This can include the use of surveillance technologies, the tracking of citizens’ movements and communications, and the collection of personal data without consent.
  5. Concentration of power: Totalitarian regimes often have a single leader or party that holds all power and makes all decisions for the country. This concentration of power can lead to the abuse of power and the suppression of individual rights and freedoms.
  6. Forced loyalty: Totalitarian regimes often demand loyalty from their citizens and may punish those who do not show sufficient loyalty to the regime. This can include the use of propaganda and indoctrination to foster a cult of personality around the leader, as well as the use of punishment and intimidation to suppress dissent.

It is important for citizens to be vigilant and to recognize the signs of totalitarianism in order to protect their rights and freedoms. If you see these signs in your government, it is important to speak out and to work towards bringing about positive change.

Now that you can see that Justine Trudeau is brining totalitarianism in, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What am I going to do about it?
  • When I am going to do something about it?
  • Do you care about your children enough to go on strike to oppose what is going on?
  • Are y0u prepared to civilly disobey all unlawful commands from our tyrannical government?
  • Are you willing to join a civil rights organization like ours, to learn where you can help us stop this from happening?
  • Are you going to flee your country like Venezualans did to Canada 15 years ago when this happened there?
  • Where would you flee?
  • How far will this go before you join the fight?
  • Will you share this post to show other people what is happening in Canada?
  • Are you afraid to speak out?
  • Why are you afraid to speak out?

If you do not answer these questions, the government will answer them for you in the manner in which they deem fit.

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