It is just a plain fact now, that we are going to lose millions, perhaps, hundreds of millions, and even perhaps over a billion people in the next 20 years, as many people fall ill with various cancers, and things that the cognitive dissonance people will not be able to put 2 and 2 together to realize that our governments are killing us off.  Bill Gates has bought 60% of the farmlands in US, and has stopped agricultural growth on those lands.  There will be a food crises world wide, CREATED by Bill Gates, and friends.   People have been lulled into sleep with GMO, vaccines, and poisions, so that their cognitive reasoning has become slightly retarded.    But at the end of this, we will win.  How long it takes is up to humanity.  People need to find a way out of the slumber they have been led into.  People need to shut off the cable tv, news, and all media other than independent people  creating news outlets telling the truth, fighting for the people.  We are entering endgame.  This is where we win, or lose.  Humanity depends on the 10-20% that know what is going on.  There is no choice.  We must win.

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