More Canadians are pushing back against woke ideology being taught in schools, and this was more apparent than ever during Monday’s municipal election as a number of anti-woke candidates put their names forward for school board trustee.

While many of these candidates were not successful, it’s clear that there is a growing anti-woke movement that is happening in Canada as many parents are fed up with extreme leftist ideologies being taught to their kids.

True North’s Anthony Furey discusses Monday’s municipal election and what this means for the future of Canada’s schools.

Awake Canada Footnotes

It is now more important than ever to get involved in the school districts in your area.  We as a nation must take notice to the policies that are teaching the future children of Canada.  There are sexist agendas, political agendas, and a wokeism that is harming our children.  Specifically SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) education (IF YOU CAN CALL IT THAT) brainwashing our youth that it is ok to identify as anything they want too.  This is implanting ideas into our youths heads about things they would never have thought of, and rightfully so.  This is indoctrination of the worst kind.  It is grooming for sexual predators.  It is everything that is most fundamentally wrong about the whole woke ideology.  There are only 2 sexes.  As an adult you are free to be whatever you want to be, but leave our children alone.  Stop grooming them, and stop acting sane rational people to identify other people by pronouns that do not match their actual sex.

This is an attack on morals, religion, and home values that should be left strictly to the adults parenting the children.  This is an attempt by the political system to divide families, and create morally corrupt children that will be dependent on the state when they grow up.


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