I have left this alone for awhile.  It wasn’t until I was coming back from Mexico at 40,000 feet with a crystal clear sky I had the opportunity to PROVE to the people that believe in flat earth, that they have gone way too far down the rabbit hole.  This is a danger, and you have to be careful that you focus on facts, and not get sucked into fiction.  Awake Canada is about the truth.  The doctors, lawyers, and scientist videos on this site are real people, with real credentials.  Stop polluting the freedom movement with nonsense.  And just for the record, even if your proposterous theory was correct (it is 100% unequivocally not) what good does it do to focus on trying to wake up dead asleep people with something so out there, instead of focusing on doctors, lawyers, and simple provable facts?  Give it a rest!  It’s dumb on all levels.

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