Ana Maria Mihalcea

Many people talk about the C19 injectables as a bioweapon. It has been shown that it is also a technological weapon with self assembly structures … We know the shots contain toxic metals like Aluminum, Cesium, Cobalt, Titanium, Gadolinium, Iron Oxide, Carbon Species and more.

We really do not know what is happening on a Nano scale, either in the vials or in people. Research has shown that Nano size metals are more toxic then micro size metals. Most researchers focus on the Carbon based toxicity of Graphene and other Carbon Species, but you can see that Aluminum was MUCH MORE TOXIC then Carbon species.

… I recently posted on Humic Acid as an easy treatment modality that has been shown to dissolve Graphene and helps mitigate embryonic toxicity … Nutritional and mineral supplements that support enhancement of immune function and increase mitochondrial function are helpful to improve the bodies ability to detoxify Graphene and heavy metals.

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