Share this video with your friends and family. These are real Canadians with boots on the ground in the rallies. Understand that Canadians armed with their phones are the new media, because the media funded by our government is nothing more than a propaganda machine used to control the masses.

These Canadians are what make up our great Country, and the division is diminishing, and more and more Canadians are starting to wake up out of the trance they were put in through repetitive mind brainwashing you into fear of “a strain of flu” no worse historically than any other period of time.

The evidence nce is out in the numbers. Most of the people that dies from Covid 19 would have died from the flu. This is a simple fact. It sucks to lose loved ones, but nothing out of the ordinary at a global level changed in excess deaths.

This is easily searchable for anyone that is willing to invest the time.

Watch and share this video. We are Canadians, and we are N0W the leading country in the RESISTANCE!!! BE PROUD OF YOUR FELLOW FREEDOM FIGHTING CANADIANS, and if you are not part of us yet, hopefully, this will help you. If you need hard evidence instead of the viewpoints of fellow Canadians, then please watch the video on the homepage here of over 40 doctors telling you that there is, and never was a pandemic, and that these are “not vaccines” and are VERY DANGEROUS.

Learn what Awake Canada is Doing to save our Country!