I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But Justin Trudeau, perhaps the most corrupt Prime Minister in Canada has bought and paid his way through this emergency act inquiry. He appointed this judge, the same as the other judge that just dismissed 4 federal cases. Even if they find him guilty, it just means 8 scandals, 0 consequences. United non-compliance is the only peaceful way. If that doesn’t work, they will continue to push us into civil war so that they can use weapons on civilians to continue on with their sick and twisted agenda.

The truth is, they know the world is waking up and they are getting scared. Scared that their day of paying the consequences for their actions are nearing. And they should be, because they are.

We will rip up every stone they climb under to get to these criminals. The deepest depths of ocean hideouts won’t protect them from good people against this agenda.

This is a bit of doom and gloom for the battle, but most certainly, we win the war.

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