This is fortune telling at its best.  Please take heed of this warning.  They have done this before.  The WHO has been involved before too.   They tried this with h1n1 to start culling the herd.  Everything in this video is proving to be true.    I watched this 12 years ago, and I was recently reminded of it from a friend.  This video is clipped at the very important part for you to see and compare with what’s happening RIGHT NOW!

Below that, is the whole video so that you can see the people responsible for this.  Names that come up that are recurring in all of the investigations I did on my own, and millions of other people are doing match the names in this video.  We now know who they are.  We know what they want.  We know how they do it, and we know how to stop it.

We can win, but you need to watch this video and understand once and for all, who, and what we are up against.  It is laid out, and if you stop watching because it is a tv show with the words conspiracy theory without seeing the accuracy of what is happening, that is part of the conditioning they have done to you so that when you see this stuff, you automatically close your mind.  Only the open minded people that are willing to look will see.  Then you will see with crystal clear vision.  Your blinders will come off, and we will win.  We need all of humanity to wake up and hold these people accountable.  This is our time.  This is THE GREAT AWAKENING!

Do NOT CONSENT TO A TEST!  They are giving you Covid 19.   The process is described in this video BACK IN 2009

This is only the partial video relative to what is happening.  Watch the whole video below to see WHY they are doing it and WHO THEY ARE.



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