This is not a consipiracy.  The data in this video is pulled directly from the CDC live in front of your eyes.  In addition to that I have provided a link under the video for you to stay up to date and current on these numbers.  I have seen enough.  I will NOT BE TAKING THIS VACCINE, and my LIFE DOES DEPEND ON IT.

I am not afraid of a virus with a 99%+ survival rate in my age bracket of under 70.  Even those that have died below and above this age bracket 94% of them had existing serious underlying conditions.  This is a big hell no for me on these “experimental emergency use approved” vaccines.  Many scientists are trying to stop ALL VACCINES for this based on science while our governments continue to take kickbacks from big Pharma to put your lives in danger.  Time to stand up folks.

Here is where you can investigate the data for yourself.

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