They are being paid to manipulate the truth.

Let’s face it.   When doctors, scientists, neurologists, and epidemiologists are getting fact checked by minimum wage teenagers, or early 20’s Generation Z’s, we have a problem.   You just learn to ignore the fact checking you find on any post on facebook, and click through and investigate the source.  We are in very dangerous times, where Big Tech is trying to manipulate everything about what your mind consumes.

We already have mainstream media distorting the truth everyday with bogus cases numbers of Covid based on faulty PCR tests that are proven to be useless in court.  Yet, our government is still using them, and still cycling about 35 in most provinces.

Without getting into too much detail on cycling, all I can say is do your own research.

The main point is, for you to finally wake up and see what is going on in this world, with:

  • election fraud
  • pandemic re-definitions
  • censored doctors, scientists, epidemiologists
  • mainstream media turning blind eye to anything against the covid 19 narrative
  • government spending us into bankruptcy

You will need to shut off your tv completely.   Ignore all advertisements.  Get rid of  your contact tracing apps on your phone.  Start looking at alternate sites for your information.   This site, and many like them were born out of necessity.  The world is at an all time high for corruption, and this latest attack on our civil liberties, is nothing new, but just done on the most epic level of all time.

13 families are calling the shots of everything that is going on this world right now.  They tell the leaders of the countries what they are doing, and what agenda to impose.  This is a very scary rabbit hole that you will fall into, but it is also liberating, and the only way for us to defeat this agenda.  Forget about the word conspiracy theory for a moment, and just look at the cold hard facts.  In order to do that, you will need to shut off the media sources that are lying to you.

Stop listening to TV doctors and find some real ones that speak about how Covid 19 is no more serious or deadlier than the seasonal influenza.  The numbers alone tell us this.   Recently Bonnie Henry said that out of the 500+ deaths in BC, all but 2 were inside Elderly Care Homes.  While this is still tragic, the truth is, that this has always happened, EVERY YEAR.  Our total deaths in this Country are right on the norm.  They are in all the other Countries too.

Please for the love of humanity, SHUT OFF THE TV’S, and spend some REAL TIME researching the facts.

Here are some great alternative sites to review REAL DOCTORS, and REAL CURRENT EVENTS. instead of youtube.

duckduckgo instead of google.

Parler instead of facebook.

Changing those 3 things will open you up to the truth.  I have always been a huge Google fan, but after their complicitness in manipulating the election in the United States, they are no longer serving the public.  They are manipulating it.



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