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Why We Are Here.

The below button will take you to the most important documentary you will ever see.  It explains everything that we are going through, and who the true enemy is.  Shut your tv off for a night, and watch all of this in its entirety.  Your eyes will be more open than ever before.   You will truly understand what we are up against, and how we are going to win.  Then the next best thing you can do is to share our content multiple times per day.  Go to the blog, and/or videos page for great content to share on your social media.  In the first month of launching we have surpassed 50,000 visitors to this site.  Your sharing efforts can bring this number into the hundreds of thousands, which will slowly wake up Canada.  Complete civil disobedience without violence is the way to win this war.  Once you are fully awake, you will no longer feel restricted by unlawful government orders.  You will live more freely than you have ever lived before.  As we wake up more Canadians from our collaborative effort by sharing content on this site, we will reclaim our Country.   Now watch this video series to FULL UNDERSTAND why, and how long it took us to get where we are right now, and what exactly is going to happen.  Its pretty grim folks, but by the time you get to Part 9., and 10, you will feel really enlightened, and much better that we will win.   DO NOT SKIP AHEAD.  It is important for you to watch this documentary in order.

The Fall Of The Cabal


We are more than an information site.  We are also setup for social networking.  It may take awhile before members get in the habit of abandoning their other social networks in lieu of a new one, but we have all the features of Facebook available here.  Timeline, messaging, photo galleries.   Inviting people here is a great way to contribute to waking up your fellow Canadians, and here you will be able to create groups, and find support through these difficult times.  The people on this site are awake, and you will not feel alone anymore.

Welcome  to the Members Area

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This is the best information to use to share on your other social media networks where you have a following.   Choose from the various content articles and videos, and just click on the share button below the piece, and share to your social networks.  The more you share, the faster we wake up Canada.  Together we will WAKE UP CANADA!


Awake Canada Merchandise

We are a non-profit group.  We have created merchandise clothing and accessories to help fund our cause.  All profits from the sale of these items go back into the further development of this community and site.  Plus when you wear our gear, you make a bold statement of who you are, and that you are a civil rights fighter.  Our clothing line is of exceptional quality, looks great, and makes you stand out in a crowd.

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