It’s hardly possible to believe, yet we can see how horribly real it is in this video: the New World Order – which is being established under the guise of ‘Covid-19 measures’ – is nothing less than criminal tyranny.

German medical doctor Andres Noack is violently arrested in a totally illegal way.

The police have no arrest warrant whatsoever, they don’t explain why he is being arrested, but they break violently through his door, enter his house unlawfully, and force him to the ground, while screaming like demon-possessed madmen, pointing a machinegun at his head. This is literally what happened during the previous World Wars, with the Nazis:

screaming aggressively, breaking through doors, and illegaly arresting innocent citizens. 

“Covid is the
New World Order”

At the end of the video you also see how the Health Minister Brad Hazzard from Australia literally says that Covid is the New World Order. To learn more about the New World Order, visit this revealing post…

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