This video was vetted by me over a year ago and sent to the Abbotsford Police Department.  This lawyer is real, and this case is happening.  You will not see this on the news.  So therefore for most people it is not real.  What they fail to realize that nothing you have been watching on the news from the beginning of this pandemic IS REAL.  Inflated numbers, false claims about masking.  Lots of lying by ommission.  No reporting on the massive Country awakenings all over the world.  Or the politicians that took bribes to lock people down.  So now they just keep pushing the most important part of their narrative.  Poisonous vaccines.  You see if they can kill enough of us before 2030, they can at some point resume there “Great Reset”.  But it is too late.  The awakening is here.  We are not ever going to forget.  And we will hold all those accountable to the fullest extent of the law with this lawyers help.

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