This video was the first time Justin Trudeau admitted that he is for “The Great Reset”  He later recanted and told the press, the his opposition should be focused less on “conspiracy theories” and more on matters at hand.  This coming from the man that is spending our tax dollars on bogus PCR tests, vaccines for every0one, even though 70% of  Canadians want nothing to do with it.  He is bankrupting our nation because that is the terms the UN has for us to become part of this great reset.

If you don’t want to live in a completely totalitarian society, it would be a great time to stand up to his bullshit as he imposes worse and harder restrictions in 2021.  When are you going to realize that there are no excess deaths, and this pandemic is faked?  Your compliance with the public health orders tells them when they are ready to put through the next harder lockdowns.  0 compliance by all Canadians is where we need to get too.



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