Covid-19 is being used as a device to gain global control.  The following is evidence to support that Justin Trudeau and his liberal cohorts are committing treasonous acts and sabotaging Canadians as they conspire with a global Syndicate to convert Canada into a communist controlled global regime.

To begin with, an international poll of thousands of doctors rated hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc as the “most effective therapy” for coronavirus.  Even journalists admit it works and it is noteworthy to point out that hydroxychloroquine is already deemed a safe drug, FDA approved and around since the mid 1940’s.   

Yet, Trudeau immediately rejected this information and instead doubled down on waiting for a vaccine.  Repeatedly saying our current situation of lock down, “Is the new normal until a vaccine is developed”.  

Trudeau’s statement is built on a massive misinformation campaign to instill fear in order to advance the global agenda for mandated vaccines and gain financial and political control over Canadians.  Of special interest… Gates lobbied Trudeau (Using Proxies) into accepting the vaccine agenda (Research Here) and they are working closely together to make it happen.  View Here   

Question:  Were the elderly and others who died from Covid-19 given the option of being treated with hydroxychloroquine?

Covid-19 is a real virus but, based on growing evidence, it is no worse than seasonal influenza.  As with the flu, the elderly and immune deficient experience the most adverse affects and ergo extra precautions should continue to be taken to protect them.  Covid, therefore, does not quantify shutting down a country, quarantining healthy citizens, jeopardizing jobs, people’s livelihoods and collapsing our total economy. 

Covid-19 is not a Pandemic and fake cases and mortality rates are being reported around the world to bolster fear.  Creating a crisis in order to provide a solution.  In fact, the U.S. Surgeon General has stated that the Coronavirus Task Force has effectively dumped the Bill Gates/CDC/WHO’s predictive contagion model due to the obscene discrepancy between manufactured CV cases/deaths and the real numbers.

Propaganda and Misinformation (must watch video) – The truth about Covid-19; 

  • it has a lower mortality rate than the flu  CDC flu estimates
  • Fauci quietly admitted in March that CV is on par with annual flu
  • on January 27th Health Minister, Patty Hadju admitted that “the risk of contracting coronavirus is low, there are risks of contracting other viruses that are much higher”. 
  • since 1984, if you’ve had a flu shot you will test positive for Covid-19
  • the virus does NOT jump 6-13 ft
  • an “accurate” Covid-19 test kit is available at a fraction of the cost and provides results in a fraction of the time.  Yet, Health Canada has refused to approve it.
  • death certificates are being falsified to list Covid 19 as cause of death even when it is unrelated.  
  • Hospitals receive up to triple the funding for Covid cases. View Here
  • hospital emergencies are empty… B.C.,  U.S.A.  U.S.A.  Ottawa, Ottawa
  • essential life-saving surgeries are cancelled and not available
  • organ transplants have been suspended & viable organs from deceased donors aren’t being used
  • the media are using staged ICU’s shown in Europe and then reporting the same images in New York  View Here
  • New York Times lied about death tolls in Italy using an image of mass coffins from a 2013 article
  • Italy lied about their fatalities / More info Here 
  • Gates/Fauci are reportedly committing fraud and are under investigation Gates Foundation petition/ Fauci petition/Fauci report
  • “social distancing and lock down is the worst way to deal with an airborne respiratory virus   View Here
  • the best place for children is to be in school  
  • going outdoors is crucial to help stop respiratory disease.  Being confined indoors prolongs and intensifies the virus.
  • Our elderly are being held hostage in their rooms for over a month and are suffering severe emotional and mental duress, even death (this is extreme abuse against the elderly) 
  • a vaccine does not allow your body to develop an immunity to coronavirus which puts you at greater risk 

To the dismay and frustration of the Global Syndicate involved in this scam (consisting of Gates, RockefellerFauci, Trudeau, Soros, Obama, Clintons and the like), the treatment of hydroxychloroquine was discovered very early on and the “Syndicate” immediately rejected it because it seriously interfered with their agenda to mandate vaccines which would include a microchip. The ID2020 Alliance –  Digital identity is used to keep track of who receives vaccinations, from birth to death.   

 ID2020 is a project initiated by Bill Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, transnational pharmaceutical corporations, and technology firms–it is pushing the concept that every human on the planet needs biometric verification because “to prove who you are is a fundamental and universal human right”.   Gates repeatedly proclaims, “Things Won’t Get Back To Normal Until We Have Gotten A Vaccine Out To The Entire World”.   

Bill Gates, wants Citizens around the world to be chipped and certified and forced to take vaccines.  No vaccine, no job: Eugenicist Bill Gates (whose father was on the board of Planned Parenthood/mother on the board of IBM) demands “digital certificates” to prove coronavirus vaccination status.  In November 2019 the Pirbright Institute, funded by Bill Gates, was granted a patent for a coronavirus vaccine to treat humans.  Gates claims the virus will keep coming back until people are administered a vaccine.  Anthony Fauci is also recommending certificates of immunity.

Gates is on record saying he wants to lessen the world population by 10-15% through vaccines. (View Here)  So it is interesting that he would also admit that Covid is not as fatal as MERS or Sars (which is supported by the CDC who reports the flu is more fatal than covid).  It appears that Gates admittedly has one objective in pushing for a vaccinepopulation control.

The problem with this global charade of waiting for a vaccine is that testing for a coronavirus vaccine has been going on for decades and NO safe vaccine has been developed that does not include significant risks 

However, these facts have not deterred Justin Trudeau from claiming a vaccine will be available in 12-18 months.  *Fierce Pharma reports it will take 5 years.

As no surprise there is more to the vaccine microchip than solely recording vaccine information.  Citizens around the globe are unwittingly being forced into a cashless society.   “Orchestrated” through an economic collapse brought on by the Covid “crisis”.  The “Syndicate” conspired together to execute this plan so they could introduce a microchip implant as an exciting and innovative solution to the global problems.  People are so gullible and sadly they are naively going along with it.  In fact microchip implant parties are taking place.

Elizabeth Johnston responded saying,  “The world has already seen these “cards,” they were called kennkarte or Ausweis, and they were instrumental in allowing the Nazi regime complete control over the daily life and movements of German citizens”.

The bible, Revelation 13:16-17, refers to the microchip as the “mark of the beast” prophesied thousands of years ago.

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name

Thankfully, the Trump administration had the sense to reject the chip as an assault against personal liberties (Attorney General Barr).  Will Justin Trudeau to defend Canadians Constitutional rights on personal liberties?  If not, this is further evidence of colluding with totalitarian powers.

Robert F Kennedy Jr. recently exposed the Bill Gates’ vaccine agenda in a scathing report linking Gates’ vaccines to paralyzing 490,000 children in India and a “frightening epidemic” of polio cases in Congo, Afghanistan, and the Philippines.  All linked to vaccines.  In fact, by 2018, 70% of global polio cases were a vaccine strain.  In 2016, only 37 cases of polio were reported. The disease was 99.99% eradicated and remains active in just three countries — Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria.

So why did Trudeau commit $100M toward polio vaccines?  

There is a Petition calling for an investigation in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for medical malpractice & crimes against humanity.

Despite all of this information Justin Trudeau continues to work with Bill Gates pushing for Global vaccines…View Here  

There is also a Petition calling for Dr. Theresa Tam to be fired for conflict of interest due to her close ties with the World Health Organization and their alliance with the Chinese Communist Party.  Tam works for the WHO on the over site committee.  Tam is proving it is impossible for her to be a neutral, objective judge in addressing the WHO’s failure to properly deal with the virus and her support for China is concerning.  And yet regardless of this, Trudeau maintains Tam as the top health adviser in Canada. 

The reality of the Covid so called “Pandemic”, according to data from the best-studied countries such as South Korea, Iceland, Germany and Denmarkis that the overall lethality of Covid-19 is between 0.1% and 0.4% and thus up to twenty times lower than initially assumed by the WHO.  (More information Read Here)

The reason for the massive discrepancy is that medical staff were instructed to document Covid as cause of death regardless if it was a secondary factor and unrelated.  Dr. Birx in the US admits they intentionally manipulated the numbers.  Researcher Judy Mikovits further explains the manufactured virus, the fraud and the false data.  Thus the United States Coronavirus Task Force dumping Bill Gates, CDC and the WHO’s flawed contagion models which were inflated and “fear-based” predicting the deaths of millions worldwide. The models were used as the basis for what many experts have termed a grossly disproportionate response‘.  There is NO data to support the “model” of numbers of “predicted” infections and fatality that would result from Covid. “The predictions don’t match the reality on the ground in China, South Korea or Italy”. View Here

Trudeau’s alliance with the “Syndicate” and UN dictators who praise China and conspire together to obtain more control and global wealth must be investigated.

  • The UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, announced the creation of a fund for addressing the global coronavirus pandemic asking nations to contribute the equivalent of at least 10 percent of the annual income of the entire planet to a massive “human-centered, innovative and coordinated stimulus package” that would be administered at the international level.
    Shared responsibility, global solidarity: Responding to the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19
  • The World Health Organization’s director-general, Tedros, praised China’s efforts to contain and control the coronavirus.
  • Trudeau’s Foreign Affairs Minister also repeatedly praised the Chinese for their transparency during the pandemic. View Here
  • Tedros, a former communist and a close ally of Chinese President Xi Jinping, failed to designate the coronavirus outbreak in China a global health emergency and worked with China to keep the virus secret rather than confine it in China and warn the world. A petition is calling for the resignation of Tedros Adhanom Sign Here
  • The WHO is supposed to warn of deadly pandemics.  It is failing in its most basic duty.  A further Petition is demanding Canada defund the WHO.
  • A WHO official recommended “forcefully entering homes” and removing family members to isolate them. View Here
  • Trudeau paid $41 million in foreign aid to China in 2019,  $830,000 to the Wuhan laboratory suspected of kicking off the virus and sent 16 tonnes of medical supplies at a time when Canadians were desperate for them. (and throughout it all, two Canadians remain wrongfully imprisoned in China)

While Prime Minister Trudeau shamelessly colludes with the WHO and China, the President of the United States suspended WHO funding and boldly speaks out against the Chinese Communist Party.

On March 13th Trudeau addressed the nation and once again expressed his loyalties to the interests of the Global Syndicate.  He made the following absurd statement, “We are in the enviable position of having significant fiscal firepower available to support you.  This is in addition to the measures we’ve already taken.  The finance Minister is also in constant communication with his “international” counterparts to find ways to work together to mitigate the impact of the virus on the “Global” economy”.   (6 mins) 

Trudeau’s concerns for the “global” economy proves him delinquent in what should be his first priority, the Canadian economy.  Canada is broke,  So where exactly is the “fiscal firepower” going to come from?  Is it going to come from China or the UN stimulus package?  Or is it more likely going to be collected by the “social distancing police” who are handing out $1200 fines to street pastors for continuing to provide an “essential” service…feeding the homeless.  Or the citizens being fined hundreds of dollars for simply rollerblading with their family or walking a dog in the park? Read Here  Meanwhile “double standard Trudeau”, after telling everyone else to stay home over the Easter holiday, is caught breaking his own rules on essential travel and social distancing, and heads to the cottage with his family.  Will there be a fine?

The government was quick to suppress Canadian citizen’s liberty and freedom, along with human rights at the onset of the virus scare yet they were negligent in taking the most obvious action in early January when Military Intelligence first informed them of the virus from China.  In so doing the government conspired with foreign powers to infect Canadians with this virus in their failure to close borders, stop flights from China and in providing zero medical screening at flight entry points to protect its citizens from harm. 

Trudeau’s loyalty to foreign powers such as China and the UN is tantamount to treason against Canada and Canadian’s interests.  The government corruption and collusion with foreign powers has resulted in an economic crisis, millions of citizens out of work and thousands of preventable deaths.  There is no doubt Justin Trudeau and his liberal cohorts pose a serious security threat to this Nation and therefore immediate action is demanded to remove, investigate and indict all parties involved in this attack against our Constitution, Rule of Law and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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