Due to us willing not to be vaccinated to play pool, or do other things that the government is unlawfully imposing on Canadians, we are going to be opening our own pool league.

This pool league already has 3 venues and will support 6 teams one night per week.  Due to knowing the members of this group, I believe we already have enough members to make 8 teams.  Therefore, we are looking for 1-2 more venues or to put bluntly, 2 more tables, so that we can play 10 teams once per week.

The venues will be announced at a later date, but so far, we are looking at Maple Ridge, and Mission with the 3 venues available thus far.

The rules, and terms and logistics are going to be worked out once we have enough team members.  So if you are interested and you know team members that would be, sign up below, and I will give you more details when we have enough people, and venues.

If you are already registered on this site, choose the existing members tab, and just login to your membership account to add this to your account.