With mandatory vaccines on the horizon and health freedom hanging in the balance, people are more hungry than ever for the uncensored facts about vaccines. 

The Truth About Vaccines 2020” is a 10-episode documentary series, launching Oct. 13, that takes viewers on a profound and informative journey through the fact-based history and science of vaccines and the industry that has grown up around them. 

The series features health freedom activists Ty and Charlene Bollinger, who bring together more than 60 of the world’s foremost health experts to weigh in on the most pressing issues surrounding the vaccine debate, including some of the known risks inherent in vaccines, and how special interests have shaped the modern vaccine debate.

New episodes address the censorship and suppression affecting our information stream, and include information on vaccine alternatives. New titles include: “WHO’s Not Telling the Truth?” and “Vaccines 101 (Vanquishing the ‘Vaccinati’ with Veracity).”

Register now to watch on Oct. 13. Watch the trailer here:

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