When you click on the download link below, you will be taken to the directory of trailers for you to upload to your social media profiles.  Each one of these trailers is powerful on its own.  To download any of the trailers, simply click on any of the titles, and the movie will open in your browser.  when it is playing, touch the video once.  3 dots will appear in the lower right corner.  Choose download and it will download to your device.   Then upload to your social media.  Remember, only one per day.  Upload, and leave it.  Go and enjoy and improve your life.  The tortoise beats the hare due to its tenacity and resilience.  Be resilient, and part of this is taking the time each day to connect with others personally.  Build your tribe.  Be positive.  We win.  You win.  The truth will prevail.

Download your information weapons here.


Watch the documentary here
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