Let this be an inspiration to police officers all over Canada.   If you want to protect your job, do a group video and stand up.  Get a whole detachment to do it.  That way if you get orders to take it down, and you refuse, they have to try and fire all of you.  Not only that, but now you have the numbers to go arrest the people throwing down the orders at you.

You cannot be forced to violate peoples charter of rights in Canada over a virus, that has produced NO EXCESS DEATHS, from previous. years.  A virus that has a 99.9% survival rate.  It is time for you to step up and protect the citizens of your country.

It is time for you to pull back the curtains, and go after the people calling the shots.  Detectives, Chief of Police, step up.  We need you!  This is a crime against humanity, and the Canadians NEED YOU!!!  BE THE HEROES YOU SIGNED ONTO THE FORCE TO BE!!!

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