Harm has been holding these overpass rallies since the beginning of this scamdemic and has now become part of the AwakeCanada.org sponsored initiatives.  You will see an AwakeCanada.org banner on the freeway overpass.  Join him with your own to spread awareness.

Friday’s at 4:00 pm at the McCallum Overpass in. Abbotsford, BC

Bring any banners, posters, signs that you can use to display to the 1000’s of vehicles that drive under this over pass each hour.

Contrary to what you might think due to corrupt media and its representation, this event has received nothing but support from the people driving by, the police, and local authorities.  Standing up for your rights is legal, and the more people that show up, the louder the message is to the oncoming traffic.

Here are some pictures to show you what the rally is about.

If you have weekly events in your city that you would like sponsored by AwakeCanada.org please email us with details at info@awakecanada.org

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